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Chris Hemsworth

Home and Away

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This section is about the show Home and Away


Well since Home and Away started in 1989 there has been numrous comings and goings. So many characters and storylines to keep track of. There's been floods, land slides, fires, boats lost at sea, various deaths, weddings, christenings, almost an exxageration of life but we still love it. When blonde haired, blue eyed Chris Egan joined the cast and crew of Home and Away in summer bay he took Australia by storm and left girls heart broken when he left. However blonde haired, blue eyed Chris Hemsworth stepped into Summer bay and has had an even greater effect on us aussie girls! Anyway from Pippa, Tom and their ever growing family (Bobby, Frank, Lyn, Steven, SALLY, Carly and more) to the Sutherlands (Shelly, Danni, Rhys, Max, Kirsty and Jade who have now left) there have always been families representing average family life in Australia. Make sure you continue to watch home and away and engage with the latest characters.


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Some older characters

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